Consumers buy sofa considerations

&Nbsp;   consumers in the purchase of office furniture, wondering when Office furniture appearance looks and styles don't differ significantly, but why prices vary far? in fact have very large differences in furniture production materials, Office furniture manufacturers in the production processes there are many corners, bait traps, need to be carefully resolved to see through.
&Nbsp;   1, using poor quality substrate
&Nbsp;   use by dry and insect-free substrate, such a high water content of office furniture, vulnerable to Office furniture products that appear deformed or cracked. With decay or insects of wood manufacture of office furniture, Office furniture appears serious collapse.
&Nbsp;   2, mix the substrate Assembly
&Nbsp;   due to the Panel office furniture by decorative veneer outside the base material, although each part of the Cabinet Office furniture look consistent, but part of the substrate is in Office furniture manufacturers had hands and feet. As some Office Furniture Cabinet front and doors using a melamine panels that meet environmental and quality requirements, and on the back panel of the Cabinet using formaldehyde emissions more core. Internal production to cut corners.
&Nbsp;   all because of the type of used Office furniture panel is made of adhesive bonding, is very sensitive to water, so its waterproof properties must pass sheet of veneer and edge processing to be safeguarded. While some manufacturers in order to save costs, Office furniture combination of Board and Board not edging, Office furniture, water breaking on the one hand, while material formaldehyde cannot be fully separated, and guzzles formaldehyde office furniture.
&Nbsp;   3,
&Nbsp;   replace the cheap hardware in the Office furniture installation and cutting corners. For example, wardrobe lockers mirror without body, without layering, with nails only positioning. This Jerry-building practices vulnerable to counter mirrors broken.
&Nbsp;   4,
&Nbsp;   should be carefully observed when buying Office furniture office furniture sample to the shopping guide and consult the material type and brand. When signing a purchase contract office furniture, requires sales people, one by one as their mark. Not with Office furniture and light color, type, or simple sentence "and plant samples" message instead, sign binding contracts, poor-quality office furniture manufacturers do not have the opportunity. BACK PAGE