Buy furniture tips

&Nbsp;   cloth art furniture due to the flowers of varied with different shapes, styles tend to be more diversified in recent years, has captured the hearts of many consumers. At present, the main fabric sofa fabric furniture and fabric beds, most of the style of the furniture is still dominated by warm and comfortable, with the feel of the fabric itself.
&Nbsp;   cloth art furniture, it's hard to see the fabric below the surface of the problem. Sometimes even if there are problems, the furniture looks is good. So pick fabric furniture takes some time and a certain method. First of all, the framework is super stable, dry hardwood, should not be raised, but the edges should be piped to highlight the shape of the furniture.
&Nbsp;   second, the main connections to reinforce, with glue and screws connected to the frame, whether it is docked, bonding, bolt connection or a pin connection, must ensure that every connected firmly to ensure long life. Steel bar reinforcement at the bearing spring spring retention spring fabric is incorruptible and tasteless, ibid properties of fabrics on the cover in the spring. Fire retardant polyester fiber layers should be located under the seat, cushion cores should be of high quality polyurethane polyurethane, polypropylene fabrics to cover the spring behind the furniture. For safety, comfort, and back again to seating requirements.
&Nbsp;   wooden furniture
&Nbsp;   long, wooden furniture is always due to its very nature's original style and loved by people. In almost any style of furniture, works of wood can be found. Current wood furniture has long been to break the domination of solid wooden furniture, wooden furniture, Panel furniture to keep pace. Wood tide and insects, living in areas with high humidity, should pay particular attention to the selection of oil is high, moisture resistance of wood, such as South American rosewood and teak wood, Basswood, or after moisture treatment furniture, painted wooden furniture, moisture protection.
&Nbsp;   light pressure furniture of all by points, as column feet, and drawer, and doors, and shelf support, at, test whether solid; note heavy furniture component of interface at due with screws tight solid or glued of reinforcement pieces; check drawer of sliding and positioning, open all of doors, and drawer, ensure they installation properly, using Shi no due; with hand touch furniture of surface, see they whether smooth; carefully check furniture of surface whether has tarnished streak, bent angle at of polishing paint whether coated have enough uniform, If there are any cracks in it. BACK PAGE