Mahogany furniture wax process analysis

&Nbsp;   the essence of mahogany furniture is without any paint whitewash, but using the waxing process, keeping wood and beautiful wood grain of the wood itself. Horse master in a mahogany furniture factory in his own experience as an example, now share with you explaining the mahogany furniture and the waxing process, aims to initiate, to promote industry exchanges.
&Nbsp;   open waxing and sealing wax, waxing is divided into
&Nbsp;   open waxing wood wooden eye (eye), wood exposed on the outside, good materials, high technological level of wood products generally use open waxing, to display arts and crafts class.
&Nbsp;   closed waxing is wood wooden eyes (eye) fills the pores filled, to enhance the sense of smooth, usually with lacquer, lacquer nontoxic and odorless. When filling the pores with wax waxing, first with a high temperature of baking wax into the wood first, then the electric baking into the wood, and finally wipe smooth with a soft cotton cloth, cotton yarn, wipe off the excess wax.
&Nbsp;   two or five major requirements, full-color, gloss, smooth, definition
&Nbsp;   1, colour: waxing is transparent, thin wax film on wood surface without a mill, but good waterproofing, wood is not easy to crack, closed, so higher requirements on wood materials, uniform color requirements.
&Nbsp;   2, Sheen: wax is not as very bright with paint, because light determined by wax, but after careful polishing and polishing of wax still has excellent gloss, but customers do not generally pursue this effect.
&Nbsp;   3, smoothness: the carefully polished, the effect is revealed by sand thickness and polished thoroughly determines, through 180#->240#->320#->400#->1000# process from coarse to fine sandpaper, using fine cotton polishing, forming translucent gloss effect and soft cotton feel. BACK PAGE