How to choose pine furniture?

&Nbsp;   characteristics of pine furniture
&Nbsp;   1: natural color, keeping the natural qualities of the pine, the texture clear and beautiful
&Nbsp;   2: styling lines simple and generous, plump and smooth, add texture is good
&Nbsp;   3: practical, durable
&Nbsp;   4: elasticity and permeability and good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance
&Nbsp;   material selection, design and manufacture of pine furniture pine coniferous forest species of the genus, because of the high forest cover, all trees without pruning, which after processing timber, left side part with traces of natural growth. Made furniture, you can show the real grip and natural beauty of the material. Pine growth cycle, rings with fine, pliable texture of wood, trees with low oil content, but in your own color distribution of yin and Yang. In addition to the advantages of the material itself, furniture manufacturer for material drying control is very strict, that moisture does not exceed 10%, the start-up of all materials are stored in humidity in the warehouse.
&Nbsp;   in order to avoid water in manufacturing, the production cycles as short as possible. From the production to the finished product up to no more than three days, and some have even finished in a single day. And at every stage of production is strictly a drying treatment, although some pine furniture imported pure solid wood is used in production, but will not crack, deformation, which is generally similar storm would be hard to match. In order to reflect the design concept of NGV, rustic pine furniture, the product of Shen Matt lacquers, surface coating or oil soaked, wax coating in two ways. This way of painting remains a wood texture clear and natural, smooth lines. Osmosis nature clear fresh air. Outstanding pine furniture in natural, solid, heavy rock style at the same time, and combines modern furniture manufacturing process. Not only sophisticated technology, from raw materials to Accessories, all natural tastes.
&Nbsp;   pine furniture using wood, but the plate and Ed, make furniture transportation, sale, installation is very convenient. Pine furniture can be divided into two broad categories of traditional pine furniture, material selection of pure pine, designed to highlight the natural, modeling Fangming, lines and clear, its simple and subtle and precise style, in an era of new wave drama yet classic style.
&Nbsp;   modern pine furniture was pine and pine cloth and metal and other group match in color combinations, and keep the wood itself, highlight the modern style of furniture. Both aesthetic and functional, practical and appropriate, can create a relaxing in the modern home. Pine furniture whether it is cooked, the modern, is the pursuit of an innocent, rustic, simple, practical style. Furniture is sturdy, durable, durable, pine furniture and modern person with pure, ease the tensions of modern society at the same time, separated from crowded and agitated city life for us, catering to the return to nature, to return my psychological tendency. BACK PAGE