Characteristics of pine furniture

&Nbsp;   on TV we often see such a picture, a beautiful spacious room with a lounge sofa set, sitting on a couch with a sweet lover, against the background of blue sky and white clouds, back on the sea. Really is a mood seductive picture, we enjoy not only the protagonist's happiness, even more desirable is that the decorations in the room. White or other light color sofa is one aspect that we like. Why put up the sofa so artistic it? leisure sofas placed is very skillful, mastering the skills you'd worry about placing attractive rooms.
&Nbsp;   lounge sofa on display first we ask hue consistent with the overall tone of the room. If your total room color is light green, or light blue sofa to buy into his pale green or blue colors, in order to maintain a certain degree of spirituality, it is best to buy a sofa with a small flower combinations. Such that looks perfect. Space, we have to pay attention to the size of the room, neither is the door not being on the kitchens or toilets place best sunny places are placed in the room by the window.
&Nbsp;   Secondly, don't put in when we put the sofa directly below the lamp or light down can make people nervous, and contrary to the Feng Shui. Leisure sofas will no longer give the feeling of leisure. Finally, the sofa-top taboo bar top. This is a Feng Shui, say is the bar top is bad luck. Therefore, when we put the sofa, to pay attention to the problem of Feng Shui. BACK PAGE